Tonight I was hit with the sudden urge to write something, and since it doesn’t happen often, I couldn’t let it pass. This emotionally charged night is doing nothing for my jetlag. Perhaps writing my thoughts out might help calm me down. Maybe not. I don’t know, I just need to do write something, so I’ll bore you with my realizations for today. But before that I just wanted to mention that if my muse cooperates, I’m planning to infuse some travel blogging in here to document my recently concluded trip to Europe. I took hundreds of photos of course, but it was such a magical time that it would be a shame not to capture my emotions in words for me to read later on in life. Besides, I’ve always had a thing with words. IF I can manage it, that is. I’m keeping all of my appendages crossed that I can because really, I look the same in all my photos that I probably won’t remember how I felt at that time by just looking at them. ANYWAY, I don’t think I’m making much sense anymore, so on to the boring stuff.

I spent the night with my closest sorority sisters. These are the ladies I would take a bullet for without batting an eyelash. We’re currently in different states of unrest. I won’t say unhappiness because it’s too strong and negative of a word, but almost all of us are definitely going through something to varying degrees. While it is not entirely the most ideal of situations, it makes you realize how often you overlook the positive things in your life. Our circumstances are different, and I would never wish my troubles on them, but at the same time I realized as the night unfolded and the emotions became rawer that I am still blessed, I am still grateful, that I might even have it a bit easier than they do – which is something that would have never crossed my mind had I wallowed in my misery the entire night. Again, I am not delighted that they are going through difficult times, and I wish with all my heart I could take away the hurt and weariness in their hearts right now.

I guess what I’m trying to say (unsuccessfully so) is that it’s always a matter of perspective. You can choose to blow something out of proportion even though it really doesn’t deserve to be, or you can choose to think that you’ve got other better things going for you – friends who wholeheartedly accept you (mood swings included), a family who will stick by you (craziness and all), and the opportunity to start anew every day, no matter how small or mundane the change or the effort, the opportunity is there. You just have to constantly remind yourself of that fact. I know I have to.


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