Old soul?

See, I have this dilemma.

Sometimes I’m convinced that I was born 50, 60, maybe even 70 years too late. I’m always drawn to vintage styles (photos, accessories, turn tables, what-have-yous). I genuinely enjoy listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and even extending a bit later (thanks to my parents) to The Temptations, Bee Gees, Smokey Robinson, Three Degrees, etc. I dream of having a custom-built (or restored) ’67 Chevy Impala someday. I know, that’s mostly because of Supernatural, but had I seen it in any other film, or even in the flesh (not that cars have flesh??), I’d still feel the same way about it. Which is probably why I also have a thing for Mini Coopers, because they have that vintage look, too. Or a classic Cadillac. I’ve always, always wanted a Cadillac since I first read about it in Archie comics, if I remember correctly. Anyway, the point is, I’ve always been intrigued with how life was during those times and I’m very keen on reading and seeing more about it, and have thought, more than once, of wanting to have lived during those decades.

Then again, I am sometimes appalled at how archaic some people still think these days. How stubbornly they view religion (or spirituality), how utterly backwards they think of the wonderful LGBT community, women, politics and life in general. I imagine it would have been even more restrictive back then, so you see the dilemma I’m in??? I don’t know how to reconcile these two parts of me, because really, there are times when I see or hear something and simply want to jump out of my skin and into another timezone altogether, but I’m not entirely sure if I would like living in the past. Back when we didn’t know better and our ignorance was more pronounced (slavery, racism, etc.), which is still around today albeit at a lesser degree, I hope. Perhaps if I had the same thinking as the others in those times, I would be fine, but given the way I think now (I consider myself more open-minded on certain things – maybe even more liberal – than most, at least in our country), I’m not sure if I’d survive back then. I suppose those decades speak to my senses more than these modern times, but intellectually, we may not be as compatible.

I don’t know why I think about these things. HAHA. But there you go, my weird, random thought of the day.


2 thoughts on “Old soul?

  1. The past, where attention to detail and class was premium could be the thing that makes it very intriguing. However that can only be in a superficial way. We’ve only seen the past through the lens of photographs and videos, but to live in it in its entirety involves the ideas that circulated at that time. What we know and see about the past is usually the highlights, but the gritty part of it still escapes us. I think it’s more natural selection that the style of the past still is well received today but the ideas of conservatism are lost and passe.

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