An avalanche of Who feels

I want to fangirl but I don’t have anyone to fangirl to in RL, so I’m throwing it to the interwebz, as I always do. (Thank you for always being there, internet. *pets*)

THE TWELFTH DOCTOR, GUYS. I just. I can’t. I wasn’t expecting him, but then he makes sense, you know??? It makes sense that the Twelfth Doctor will be older than the previous three, I don’t know how or why, but after everything and everyone, it just makes sense. I am incredibly excited to see where the show will go with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I imagine the Doctor-companion dynamics will be a bit different now. I loved Nine (Eccleston was bad ass), Ten (Tennant was a darling) and Eleven (;LAFJDALKJSDF MY DOCTOR), but to be quite honest, I was getting a bit tired of the whole pining-for-the-Doctor theme that surrounded modern Who. It was alright for a time, but after a while it just got… repetitive? Which is probably why I enjoyed Donna immensely because she just kept slapping Ten and treating him like a proper friend instead of being all lovesick and it was so refreshing! Again, don’t get me wrong, because I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED AMY POND. She is >>>> life and I liked the way her relationship with Eleven eventually settled into something a bit more profound. Plus, Rory’s pretty bad ass, you know.

I have unfortunately not seen classic Who (I AM ASHAMED OF THIS OKAY), and I promise to make it one of my goals in life, but I expect Twelve will give us a bit of the classic era feel (maybe from the new dynamics? IDK) during his run as the Doctor. I cannot wait to see some hardcore sci-fi!!! I’ve really missed the RTD-esque episodes, episodes that really made me think about humanity and morality and how utterly huge the universe is and how small yet potent we are in changing things for the better. I hope Moffat can come up with more compelling episodes this time around — it would be such a waste of great talent if he didn’t make the most out of Twelve.

ANYWAY. I’VE RAMBLED LONG ENOUGH. THE MAIN POINT IS I’M SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. I REALLY AM. When I found out Matt Smith was leaving, it really broke my heart. I’ve grown so, so fond of him and his take on the Doctor. He has made me cry so many times, has made me feel so much, and I imagine I’d be a mess when he regenerates, but then we get PETER CAPALDI. I have high hopes for series 8, I really do. ❤


3 thoughts on “An avalanche of Who feels

  1. I couldn’t have said anything better myself!
    I loved Donna and the no crap attitude she had.
    I could go on agreeing with everything, but really, everything you said, I think too! my gosh! I’m so excited! but I’m super sad..,.. poor Smith

    • Anna! *squishes* I know, right? So many feels going through me right now, I don’t really know how to process them. But I’m happy to hear you feel the same way. Peter Capaldi has been generally well accepted so far, and I hope those who are skeptical will give him a chance. AND MATT SMITH ALDKJALJDF. POOR BBY. Buuuut even if I don’t wanna let go of him, I guess it’s about time and I really hope his career goes even higher after this. :))

      • Peter Capaldi is going to be great!
        my dear dear Smith! ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm gonna miss him so much! but we do have three series of him… and well… he'll keep being famous and fantastic. 🙂 it seems like whoever becomes the Doctor at some point is pretty well off for the rest of their career…

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