A speck in the sky

Most of you may have already seen this – I know I’m four years late – but I’m still going to share it anyway in case you haven’t seen The Most Important Image Ever Captured by The Hubble telescope.

I was incredibly amazed and humbled after watching this. It’s true, I cannot fathom the immensity of the universe, but it has cemented my belief that we are not alone. That we are not the center of the universe. Who are we, what our worries, our anxieties, our fears, our arrogance in all of this? Nothing but specks of dust in a space that is continuously expanding. We hem and haw about the most infinitesimal of things, believe ourselves the victims, demand for something we think we deserve, all the while forgetting to realize that there is something greater than ourselves, something other than ourselves that we cannot comprehend as of yet.

My emotions are tumultuous at best. One minute I feel so insignificant, that no matter what I do, in the grand scheme of things, it will be lost. And the people who will remember will also be lost, inevitably destined to be one with the cosmos, like I am. Yet at the same time I am awed because human beings have managed to get this far and put things in perspective. We may be leagues behind other intelligences, but we have managed to take the first step in wrapping our heads around the incredible universe. We have managed albeit bloody and bruised and imperfect beyond belief, we have managed. I am proud of this feat that others have pulled off and I look forward to gaining more knowledge from them, and in turn am hopeful that people will learn to be more open-minded and selfless from the knowledge gained, in the same way that I strive to become that way, too.

I truly am in awe of the vastness and grandness and utter majesty of it all. I saw the video yesterday and until today, I cannot shake the feeling of wonder and helplessness off.


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