Manila, with its unreasonable enthusiasm for organized chaos, never ceases to amaze and appall me all at once. I’ve lived here for more than half my life and it somehow manages to continue moving towards disorganization. A quick downpour can transform the city into a murky, infectious waterpark. The most wonderful time of the year can turn the streets into a nightmare of stationary headlights and raucous honking. One can rely on the unreliability of public transport, both in system and technicalities.

Yet I continue to wonder why, despite the ugliness and seeming hopelessness of it all, I still unwillingly – curiously – miss it when I am away. Ah, the mystery.


3 thoughts on “Mani(l)a

  1. Manila one letter away from mania . . . I never thought about that before. . . Short piece, but spot-on. I love the way you describe Manila and how you feel about it. They reflect mine too. But unlike you, I couldn’t pull the words out of the hat and write this little gem.

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