Funny how the image of you immediately entered my mind. Not that you would ever admit to anything but innocence.

I will never know what truly happened – perhaps it’s better that way. Betrayal is not an easy emotion to let go of. It always makes its presence felt even when my thoughts are miles away from you. It knows how to get a good grip of me. Too good of a grip.

I was expecting it to be more painful. A gasping, shocking kind. But when you coldly made it known that you no longer wanted me in your life, there was just a dull ache right at the center of my chest. Like my mind had accepted it long before my heart realized what was going on.

Of course I have forgiven you, if there was even anything to forgive. Only you can answer that.

Five years down the road.

I still get caught off guard at how differently things turned out. In the rare instance that you do cross my mind, I am only left with curiosity as to what we would have become. Thankfully, I come up with nothing every time.